Resort clothes for kids

March Break is coming and some of us may be concerned about ticking “buy resort clothes” off their pre-vacation to-do list. I’m not and here’s why.I don’t actually “switch out” my child’s clothing seasonally. I add things like long sleeve tees and warm cotton-lycra tights which she sometimes wears. On occasion you may see The Little Nutball in a winter coat or snow pants. (Or, just as often, you may be shocked to see us walking through a parking lot in the middle of winter with her coat-less in her short sleeves, and me bundled up in my coat, holding her coat and hat in my hand. Probably you’d be deeming me a terribly selfish mom, and that’s why I’ll be loudly repeating my don’t-call-Children’s-Aid mantra on an endless loop (which she will be ignoring): “Are you sure you don’t want to put on your coat? Mommy has it right here!”).

In any case, what I realized, as mom to a very opinionated little girl is, winter clothes often suck.

They’re often too heavy and itchy (just like when we were growing up–some things don’t change!) and the seams are especially itchy or pokey in the armpit, wrist and waist. And the colors aren’t as fun as summer clothes. Plus the dresses often have a terrible, good-little-girl prim-n-properness about them, while summer dresses and skirts are just bright and cheerful, and conducive to active play, chasing cats around the house, carjacking, killing and burying your parents in, etc etc.

So the solution we came up with is: Summer clothes are year-round clothes. We just layer (except on days when she refuses to). As a result, our March Break trip (the first one ever for her – as well as for my partner or for me, who grew up in families that couldn’t afford vacations) prep does not include shopping for warm weather gear.


Bee Pollen Dosage

How Much Bee Pollen Should I Be Taking?

When it comes to any type of supplement, there are obviously different dosages depending on what supplement you are taking.  More and more people are consuming supplements to better their health and overall well being.

Did you know that it can help your overall health as well?

Many people think of it as simply pollen that bees carry around.  But the truth is that this is considered to be a super food and lots of people don’t realize how many benefits there are to take it.  In this article, we will discuss the dosage of bee pollen with you.  Many people ask us how much they should be eating every day, and in this article we will answer that important question for you.

When it comes to this super food supplement, it is important that you speak to your doctor before using it.  The doctor will access your overall health and well being, and they will take into consideration any other problems you may be suffering from.

This being said, only your physician can decide how much you should be taking each day.  You do not want to take in too much as it can be harmful for you.  The physician can go over with you the exact dosage they recommend taking for your health.  This means that we here cannot tell you exactly how much you should be taking of this super food each day.

Your doctor will figure out the dosage depending on your exact health, which means everyone will have a different dosage.

The benefits of bee pollen are certainly endless, and if you want to take this pollen you definitely should.  If you are looking for a great nutrient dense food, look no further than this supplement. You can find various nutrients in it, as well as amino acids, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and more.  This will help your body become as healthy as possible.

Also, more people use this food for weight loss because it can boost your metabolism naturally and can also help to suppress your appetite so you eat less.  This is important for those who are dieting and also those who are simply exercising and trying to build muscle and burn fat.  We here highly recommend using the pollen for your health and we are sure you will see weight loss benefits with it.

As you can see, the dosage of the pollen truly varies between everyone.  Talk to your doctor about such pollen before you take it and they can decide exactly how much you should be taking in.  As we said before, if you take in too much it could cause problems in your body.

Consuming too little will not help your health at all, so it is important to make sure you take the correct dosage depending on what your doctor tells you!

How important is accurate forecasting for intermittent renewable energy

Many renewable energy sources provide intermittent power that can fluctuate with weather and time of day. Wind power can vary considerably with the seasons. Solar power is affected by cloud cover, and obviously can’t produce power at night. Hydro power is also somewhat variable dependent on rainfall levels. These fluctuations of power supply need to be factored much differently than the traditional power sources that can be dispatched and can be made to produce more power as demand increases.

As more of these intermittent energy sources come online, it becomes increasingly important to understand the base line of power that these sources can generate. Significant seasonal increases of renewable power would allow a utility to decrease their power generation from less clean sources. Prolonged weather events can curtail renewable power and must be planned for in order to avoid disruption in service.

Predicting Reliability

Historical weather data provide a key metric to predict power supply from renewable energy. The most effective strategy is to develop sophisticated and long-term weather models prior to renewable energy siting decisions. These models, along with sensors at the power source, provide a means for close monitoring and performance evaluation.

Different sources of renewable energy require different levels of modeling and prediction. Some renewable sources are very variable and others are much more consistent.

Wind power is much more variable than solar. Wind speeds, wind direction, and air density all factor into wind turbine performance. Turbines depend on consistent mid-range wind speeds, because if the wind is too low it can’t generate electricity and if it’s too high the turbines need to be shut down to avoid damage.

Solar energy is an easier energy source to predict, because the amount of light energy in a specific spot is fairly consistent, with some seasonal fluctuation, but greatest intensity in times of greatest demand. Power producers are working on ways to extend the availability of solar power after dark by deploying such ideas as thermal power generation and storage. Generating steam from the sun rather than direct conversion to electricity provides a more consistent and longer lasting power.

Hydro power is one of the more consistent and reliable renewable energy sources. Hydro plants that rely only on river flow aren’t all that common, with most drawing on a water reservoir for more consistent power.

Location Factor

Location is the most important factor when determining the variability or consistency of renewable energy. Siting renewable energy close to the source, but also close to demand, is a problem that require spatial analysis and modeling in order to optimize the performance and predictability of the power source.

Areas with consistent wind are typically at higher elevations or closer to the coast, and sea breezes are much more predictable and consistent than breezes on land. Solar power relies on clear skies, and some areas are much more ideal than others given their amount of sunshine. Hydro power relies on consistent and abundant water sources in areas that aren’t susceptible to drought.

A single wind turbine will be much more variable than a large array of turbines that are gridded together. Solar power can be complementary to wind, because wind is often strongest at night and during cloudy weather. Wind can also be a good complement to hydro power. As more renewable energy comes online, there will be a number of strategies deployed to balance intermittent supply with demand, and to align different sources to ease fluctuation.

The larger the electric grid, the less a factor intermittent power is to the overall grid. But with large percentages of renewable power on smaller grids, the grid design needs to made more intelligent and adaptable in order to manage fluctuations.

The viability and reliability of prediction models will improve over time as more data is collected and analyzed. The most variable, and most efficient, source of wind power is relatively new and the models are improving significantly each year.

Forecasting and predicting demand and supply are going to be of increasing importance as our power generation sources become more diverse and more distributed. Matching power demand with a wide variety of power sources also calls for a more sophisticated and intelligent transmission and distribution network.

The Best Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Today there are so many people who have problem with their weight. Of course a lot of people want to have the perfect body shape so that they can get the confidence. Well, there are lots of people who are confusing in getting the best and good slim body and of course they will try to do anything that can help them in burning their fat. Well, even though you can find a lot of weight loss diet in the market, you should be able to choose the best healthy way to lose weight so that you will not get the negative effects.

The chemical weight loss diet is not the best and the right one for you since the chemical pills can give you so many side effects that are not good for your body. It is not good for your body to have the fast changes in burning your fat. There are lots of people who like to have the fast result in burning their fat and of course this can influence your body since your body does not like to have the fast changes. Lots of people do not like to have more exercise and of course they will try to find the fast solution and the best healthy way to lose weight. Well, if you need to lose your weight you also need give the attention to your calories. Do not let yourself being a staving person when you do the diet since there are some people who have diet by restricting them in eating and get the deficient in the nutrients and also vitamins that your body needs. Of course, this is not good for your body. In losing your weight, your body also needs the energy so that you can do your activities well and can give the best performances. Your body uses the food to get the energy and if you get more food and have less activity then you store a lot of fat and this that can make you gain the weight.

In losing the weight, it is better for you to use the fat that is stored so that you can burn your fat and losing your weight. The best healthy way to lose weight and the most effective one is by reducing the amount of calories that you eat and you should increase your activities so that you can burn your fat by do a lot of things.